The Benefits of Using Reports

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One major benefit Opportunity Manager offers is robust reporting--an essential part of the sales cycle that can help you collect pertinent data to improve your business. In today’s blog, we will walk through the various types of reporting available in Opportunity Manager and discuss the value reports can generate for your company.

The Opportunity Manager platform offers over 20 different reports for products, leads, proposal, sales, referrals, jobs. Different reports are beneficial to different aspects of the business cycle, so you can select which areas you would like to focus on improving.

Key Areas of Reporting

Lead Detail – This report tracks individual lead details, filtered by lead status, date range and salesperson. This is perfect for tracking lead source trends, performance indicators, proposal price, potential commission, labor hours, as well as gross profit dollars. By tracking this data, you can better determine which areas of your lead strategy are doing well, and which areas need improvement.

Lead Log – This report provides additional information about the lead and is helpful for follow-ups and tracking. Employees can quickly and securely access lead information such as phone numbers, addresses, contact information and proposal details.

Sales Force Performance – This is the main report clients will use in sales meetings. It tracks information by salesperson and allows users to filter by date range. You’ll be able to track your team’s goals versus actuals, upsell and accessories sales.

Job Budget – This is a line-by-line detailed breakdown of a proposal. This is excellent for job costing, helping you to price your jobs more accurately rather than just using generic “cookbook pricing!”

Accessories Report – This report allows users to see which accessories sell the most successfully. You can also collect data on the revenue for each accessory, and see which salesperson makes the most offers vs sales. 

Benefits of Reporting

Data tracking and reporting provides your business with the tools necessary to boost performance and meet goals. You can take a detailed look at whether you are on the right path, or if there are areas that need redirection. Additionally, the reports will benefit team members across the board by allowing them to check in on their performance. Start working with Opportunity Manager today to get comprehensive insight on what is really happening in your business cycle!