About us

Opportunity Interactive is the leader in developing and providing innovative sales, management, and labor-saving technology solutions for the residential and commercial service industries. We have been serving our customers since 1998 and have customers throughout USA and Canada. Our mission is to implement technology solutions with our customers enabling them to be more Effective, Efficient and Profitable in their businesses.

 Opportunity Interactive, Inc. 19604 International Blvd., Ste. 101 SeaTac, Wa 98188
 Phone - 877-816-6649

Management Team

The team at Opportunity Interactive is focused on the success of our clients! We are committed to seeing all clients successfully implement our powerful tools. We are here to assist in any way we can.

Aaron Schuh

Aaron is our determined and focused leader. He is a product of the computer technology generation (generation X), growing up with “techie” parents; he had his first computer at only 8 years old (way back in the late 1970’s!). He brings a wealth of experience in both business and technology.

Aaron has been running or owning different businesses since his 18th birthday. He earned a certificate in Software Product Management from the University of Washington and has completed countless seminars and training on Management and Software development.

Aaron also volunteers at the University of Washington as a motivational speaker, advisory board member and coach for the Software Product Management Certificate Program.

Combining his strong entrepreneurial spirit, technology know-how, and vision with the knowledge of the HVAC industry pasted down through his family line (both his Uncle and Grandfather were successful HVAC contractors), Aaron has been able to build and structure Opportunity Interactive for success today and into the future.

Software Department Manager
Started: 2002

Nathan has worked in every role as part of the Opportunity Manager team over the last 16 years. During this time, he not only learned the ins and outs of software development, but also has been mentored by some of the top leaders at Opportunity Interactive and Business Development Resources.

Nathan regularly earns high praise from our customers for his work ethic and commitment to helping them. Nathan serves today as the Software team manager and oversees daily operations of the Opportunity Manager team and the software development.

Nathan has earned a Software Product Manager certificate from the University of Washington.

Department Manager: HR Products
Working since 2004

Her interest has always been psychology and she has used that passion to develop our Prevue Assessments and Recruiting service, Recruit4Business.  Oksana has served our client is many different roles from Administrative Assistant, Sales and now as department manager. 

In 2012 Oksana had worked alongside Aaron building the Recruit4Business service. As the team grew, she transitioned to Manager of the Recruit4Business service. Oksana is a “natural” for identifying the specific needs of our clients, working diligently to provide them with the best in recruitment & Human Resources services.