Norman Matheis

I’m Norman Matheis, I have a business in Portland, Oregon and we’ve been in business for 31 years. We’ve been with Opportunity Manager since 2001, and so it has really given us the opportunity to control our sales. I think what really impresses our customers the most is that we have a planned sales process. It’s a menu type selection, the salesmen go through it and they produce a proposal on site. It’s very clean and professional”

  • The Opportunity Manager has had a HUGE impact on our labor management by breaking down the individual tasks in the order in which they should be performed including set up and staging provides the means to get “buy in” from the field personnel.
  • The times to install each phase of the job is accurate and has been demonstrated in the field and tracked by management and the install team. These times can be quickly adjusted as changes in codes and types of materials used may add or decrease labor for the task. Allowing installers to help track and establish the times puts management and field personnel on the same page.
  • Providing the installers, a set installation processes by the install manager allows them to move forward more quickly at the onset of the job and not become distracted reinventing the wheel.
  • Setting up difficulty factors that the sales team can easily identify by clear descriptions and pictures aids in proper hours being quoted. The benefit to having a clear prescribed method allows a company to hire outside our industry and quickly bring any new sales person up to speed with minimum field experience.
  • As new equipment comes on the market there may be additional labor requirements and start up times. This additional time or labor requirements can easily be added and tied to just that individual component and the time tracked and modified as needed. By knowing the time required for each task and assigning the individual tasks to each installer by skill set allows the flexibility to move an installer to another job as he completes his part of the job. The remaining installer is more confident since he can see the pre-established time needed to complete the job.
  • The Opportunity Manager provides management the ability to predetermine labor needs and schedule more jobs by freeing up labor throughout the day. Moving jobs up on the schedule becomes less challenging. Creating a waiting list with jobs by knowing the difficulty factors and tasks can be a huge benefit to maximizing labor. Jobs are easily assigned by skill sets of installers. This will aid in more productivity daily.
  • As a training tool Op Man will help the install team provide a consistent path to follow in the order management has chosen.
Norman Matheis
Kenton Guidry

I personally have been using Opportunity Manager for about 8 months… I have some good success with it. My average sell previous was $6,500 range with a closing ratio that I’m embarrassed to say was around 33%, now its $8500 and we’re just over 50% closing ratio!

Kenton Guidry
Jeff Hamstra

We’ve been using it for quite a while, I’d say 10+ years. The best thing is we have consistent pricing with all of our customers. It’s a wonderful thing to keep everybody in check and make sure that we’re giving very nice detailed proposals. It’s a HUGE value to our customers!

Jeff Hamstra
A&L Heating and Air, LLC

One of the best things I have done in business is implement the Opportunity Management Sales Presentation/Management software program. Before implementing, my average replacement sale was $7,800 – very respectable. Since implementation, my average sale is $11,200 – way more than respectable. The best part about it? My customers are happier and I have an easy way to offer them the choices and options they want and deserve. The increase in average sale has had a dramatic impact on my profitability and is providing me the capital necessary to continue to grow my company.

Aaron Sweetwood
Ideal Heating & Air Conditioning

Streamlined! The OpMan cloud experience is a step above the old OpMan software. It is super easy to enter the client’s info and to build a proposal. It’s then even easier to make additional proposals for multiple options. The new look gives my proposals a clean, professional appearance that is unmatched by any of my competition. It also allows me to track my goals in multiple areas with ese. I am very pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to take their sales presentation to the next level.

Corwin Keller
Advent Air Conditioning

Andy Miller was great in helping with set up and resolving issues. The new Cloud Version has been much more user friendly compared to the original version. Any changes made by management is instantly updated to the Sales Force in the field, and Management can look at proposal and assist the team without waiting for them to sync to a main server. Confidence level are higher in the field now that they know information, adjustments, documents, new updates pricing is instantly available. We are currently in the process of using OpMan to transition our company to the paperless. The new version has been great!

Matt Wikel
VP of Residential Construction