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Switching to OpMan for our proposal program has allowed me to grow as a comfort consultant. The first year I went from 1.6 million to 1.85 million, and I am now on track to sell 2+ million! Barry and the team at BDR have helped me and my company grow. I have attended SS1 And SS2 and plant to attend Top Gun Sales and many more. Thank you!”

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One of the best things I have done in business is implement the Opportunity Management Sales Presentation / Management software program. Before implementing, my average replacement sale was $7,800 – very respectable. Since implementation, my average sale is $11,200 – way more than

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OpMan has by far been the best step by step process to providing quick easy proposals...financing options, multiple pricing options, pictured proposals and details. Thank you for keeping ahead of the industry...

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We have actually sold jobs because this proposal platform is so detailed and professional in appearance... even though we were certainly not the low bidder! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and the OpMan software to any contractor looking to have excellent reporting, proposals, and support!

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Using OPMAN Greg sold $338k in May with an average sale of $12,700 and a closing ratio of 48%!! WAHOO!!!
- Jim Scott (HC) on Able Heating

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The Opportunity Manager Software has exceeded my expectations! For years we used an Access program to prepare quotes and had to hand write or type out the proposal for customers. This was time consuming for the salesmen and the quotes presented were not very professional. Our salesmen now have a professional looking proposal that they can present to a customer with multiple options. The software is web based which gives me the ability to monitor products proposed, margins, and closing percentages in real time. Lastly, I can't say enough about the quality and professionalism of the people who work at Opportunity Interactive and how enjoyable it is to work with such a great group of people.

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While I may have been the grouchiest on-board for you this year, the software has earned my trust. You are a bright star in that, so thank you for you have done for us. The other star is results! There was no good reason to believe we could improve $2000/ticket to over last year’s results. We did! Thanks to an easy to present and professional layout of the proposals. We would be happy to talk with any prospective customers, any time. Just let us know when we can help.