Why Opportunity Manager?

What is Opportunity Manager?

The past year has proved that digital workspaces aren’t going anywhere. This is especially true of traditionally hands-on industries such as HVAC and home services industries, whose field teams are in need of quick and secure communications solutions.

That’s where Opportunity Manager can help! We have designed a total communications software to support the entire sales process, from lead management and retail priced proposals, to complete install job packets and robust reporting.


How can Opportunity Manager help you?

Opportunity Manager tracks customer activity from when they first enter the system as a lead, all the way until after completion of the sale. Each of these steps is fully customizable to deliver the best possible results.

Opportunity Manager users generally see:

  • a 16% increase in closing ratios
  • a 30% increase in accessory sales, and
  • a $2200 increase in average sale price

Learn more about how these and other benefits help our customers improve their businesses.


What Does Opportunity Manager Offer?

The three primary focus areas of Opportunity Manager are sales, install, and operations. Here’s how each breaks down:


We view your customers as partners in building their estimate. We provide a robust comparison tool that allows the customer to weigh their various options before making a final decision. Opportunity Manager then creates an in-depth, professional looking proposal, which a customer can sign right from their home, limiting the need for on-site interactions.


Once a sale is confirmed, field techs will have full access to job information prior to and on install day. They can view job packets, installation instructions, labor budgets, accessories sheets, and make order changes all in one secure place, ensuring a more efficient process free from error.


Opportunity Manager’s in-depth job-cost tracker helps accurately price jobs by tracking gross profit, allowing users to identify areas where pricing may be off, and edit cost information with just a few clicks. The sales tracking feature identifies which sales are the most profitable, enabling the sales team to promote the best products. Finally, detailed lead tracking reports provide insight about which tactics work best for converting leads to customers. In combination, these features will support your company by offering a comprehensive snapshot of your business procedures.


The pandemic will eventually end, but the shift in digital business operations is here to stay. Clients and customers alike expect companies to offer digital solutions and the convenience of completing sales online. Businesses that fall behind on these trends may find it difficult to ever catch up.


Don’t find yourself behind the technological wave. Learn more about Opportunity Manager today.

Is OpMan SaaS Secure?

Is OpMan SaaS Secure?

When it comes to software, data security needs to be at the top of mind. In fact, personal, credit card and financial information theft ranked as the number one crime Americans worried about in 2020.

That is why when Opportunity Manager (OpMan) adopted a SaaS plan, we knew we needed a robust security strategy. Protecting our client’s data isn’t just necessary, it’s the right thing to do. While we still
offer a licensed version of our software, the SaaS plan is a safer, more flexible option and provides users
with an array of benefits.

How is SaaS Different from Licensed?
With our SaaS option, we host the software in our own cloud-based environment and we implement top end security. This removes the risks associated with hosting the software on your own and ensures
proper data monitoring is in place, so the data is always protected. Additionally, because OpMan SaaS is
hosted in a cloud environment, a basic level of security is already in place and you can feel confident
knowing your users can access data safely from outside the office.

Opportunity Manager Security Enhancements
The Opportunity Manager software is loaded with security elements to keep your data protected. Our application is encrypted with SSL certificate and we conduct security testing regularly. We maintain an advanced infrastructure to ensure sensitive data is never exposed to the public, utilizing protective tools such as a Web Application firewall, private networks for web servers, and separate and private database servers. We also offer an SES email service which clients can use to securely send out emails from “” Finally, we take additional steps to ensure payments are secure, such as using an external payment gateway and never storing customer credit card data. These enhancements, coupled with our rigorous monitoring protocols, guarantee your data is protected. With the frequency of large data breaches increasing, it’s more important than ever for businesses to protect their data. SaaS-based options are an excellent choice for improving data security, and platforms such as OpMan work hard to remove risk and provide you peace of mind. Don’t wait until it’s too late, make the switch to a SaaS service now.